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dc.contributor.authorEscuza Mesías, César Daniel
dc.contributor.authorFlores Morales, Jorge Alberto
dc.contributor.authorHuamani, Lidia Neyra
dc.contributor.authorNúñez Lira, Luis Alberto
dc.descriptionIndexado en Scopus.
dc.descriptionEl texto completo de este trabajo no está disponible en el Repositorio Institucional UNIFE. Deberá acceder por el DOI ó URL de la casa editorial externa.
dc.description.abstractBody kinesthetic activity in basic education is fundamental for the development of students learning. The teacher is key to carry out this action, stimulating it with a relevant, assertive and motivating communication, along with teaching and learning based on the exploration of body expression and training of sensorimotor activities. All this contributes to the cognitive development, to the development of skills that will allow students to solve problems. The method used for this research was of a qualitative nature, with documentary analysis, case studies where the results are focused on explanation, analysis and inference. The findings that emerged through the activities that were carried out have allowed us to highlight and contribute to the development of learning through body kinesthetic activity, along withthe presentation of a program of physical and cognitive activities
dc.publisherTurkish Physiotherapy Association
dc.relation.ispartofurn:issn: 2651-4451
dc.sourceTurkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation ; Vol.32, N°2, 20 March 2021 ; pp. 1407-1418
dc.subjectDevelopmental coordination disorder
dc.subjectMotor skills
dc.titleBody kinesthetic activity in basic level children's learning
dc.description.peer-reviewRevisión por pares
dc.identifier.journalTurkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

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